Bridal Shows in Manhattan

Every year there are dozens of Bridal Shows and Wedding Expos which take place in various venues throughout Manhattan. Every Bride should attempt to attend at least one if not more before making final arrangements for her Special Day. You will probably never find an opportunity to have so many different vendors in one place. Representatives will gladly answer all of your questions as well as provide informative material to aid in your decisions.
Bridal Wedding Dresses
Most of the shows are free to attend. There might be a minimal cost to be a guest at some of the larger events but this is money well spent. Many vendors will regularly give a discount incentive if you book their services that day or within a specified amount of time. There are often fantastic giveaways just for attending. One show even offered a $50,000 photography package to one lucky couple! Don’t forget all of the time you will save by being able to interact with hundreds of Wedding Professionals all in the span of a day. This will give you the unique opportunity to compare and contrast services all in one place.

Many Brides and Grooms try to put a strategic plan in place before the day of the show. Do you want to focus on one area such as a wedding venue, event planner or florist? The list of professional categories can be overwhelming if you go in not having a clue what to expect. Luckily most of the expos will now post vendor categories as well as specific companies online so you can do some research before hitting their booths. A great Bridal Show to attend in NY is A Bridal Affair to Remember.

So what are some of the vendors with whom you can interact? You can certainly expect the aforementioned as well as caterers, entertainment, bridal gowns and beauty consultants. Many exhibits are now becoming even more specific with photo booth rentals, wedding vow writers and acrobatic acts to perform at the reception!