Exclusive Wedding Halls in Manhattan

Manhattan Wedding Halls offers a simple and efficient way to find the perfect location for your dream wedding reception and party. Whether you prefer an intimate reception for 50 or a gala event hosting 300 guests, this is your one stop shop for discovering the ideal venue for your celebration. One major consideration to factor into your final decision is your budget for the entire event. How much of this money will you allot for the venue alone? Our website offers unique ideas and original suggestions in every price range from something simple and rustic to a more lavish, glamorous setting.
Elegant Wedding Venue
As with so many other things in Manhattan, a huge and difficult choice is location, location, location! Do you want to be in the hustle and bustle of Times Square or opt for a more tranquil locale by the water? One major advantage to choosing a venue in NYC is often a glorious view of the skyline or surrounding areas. Our website will guide you to find a splendid backdrop for the event which will create amazing photographs you will cherish for a lifetime.

There are numerous other questions to keep in mind when choosing your venue. Will you be having the wedding and reception in the same space? If so, is there a place for your guests to go in between the two separate events? If you are planning an outdoor wedding make sure there is another option should you have inclement weather. You don’t want to have your guests stranded in the pouring rain!

Some places will allow you to bring your own caterers while others will require you to use the on-site offerings. Many venues will work better if you are simply having a cocktail reception as opposed to a sit-down dinner. When booking the venue always ask what amenities and services are included in the final cost. Keep in mind you may also need to rent some of the essentials like tables and chairs for your event.
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