Hotels in Manhattan

With hundreds of fine hotels in Manhattan, it can be extremely difficult to choose the perfect setting for your ideal wedding. But like the diverse group of people living in the City, the hotels are all different and offer all sorts of options to make your Special Day perfect and one to remember for a lifetime.

All of the larger hotels will have a full staff to assist you in making choices. Many will have a planner who only specializes in on-site wedding ceremonies and receptions. Take the time to meet with several people as working with the right person is almost as important as choosing the setting. While you should be open to the Planner’s suggestions, you want to be able to openly express your ideas and make sure they are feasible for the venue. Read online reviews of the services provided and pay special attention to how small details are handled.
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One of the initial questions most couples ask when booking a venue is the overall price. Especially in Manhattan the cost can be extraordinarily high so you will need to compare and contrast many different hotels. Take into consideration the type of reception you envision. Do you want to only serve cocktails and hors d’oeuvres or have a full sit-down dinner for your guests? Many couples choose to do both which will of course add to the cost. If this is the case, will you need to rent an additional room for the cocktail hour or is it possible to use a section of the main reception area?

As a couple you should decide what other amenities are important for your wedding ceremony or reception. Perhaps you would like to have part of the event in an outdoor space. Many hotels offer beautiful roof decks with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline which is not only pleasing for the event but will provide the perfect back-drop for photographs.
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